Rachel Sarah Murphy – Founder & Actress


Rachel Sarah Murphy has been involved in the Theatre, Film and Television Industry for more than 26 years. At 19 she won herself a place at the very prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts which heralds such actors as Robert Redford and Kirk Douglas.

After graduating Rachel Sarah returned to Ireland and put to work her new found technique in the comfort of The Loft Theatre in Cork which she joined at 16yrs . Under the guidance of Mentor Pearse Gun she found her own individual creativity.

She also joined BBC Belfast where she took part in many radio plays and continued to tread the boards for 10 yrs, playing such characters as Lady Macbeth to Blanche Du Bois from a Streetcar Named Desire and many more. Her transition into TV and Film, took her from commercials to IMAX movies to Ireland’s hit Soap Opera “Fair City” where she can be seen today playing the well loved character Jo Fahey.

10yrs ago Rachel decided to take a break from the show and once again travel, this time to The New York Film Academy where she studied the Art of Digital Film Making. That move was to change her life. Her total commitment to and passion for film acting and the components that MUST come together to make a great film, has inspired Rachel to found the Irish Film Academy providing Ireland with its first most innovative and hands-on Film Academy.  A school where students of all ages will have the opportunity to learn their craft through total immersion in creativity through technology under the direction of a team of Professionals who actively work in the Industry now.

‘Rachel is a complete optimist and promises to instill in her students the belief that everything is possible. Negativity is not an option !’